About RPG

RPG was established in 1981.  Since that time RPG has evolved from a company solely offering Caterpillar replacement parts to a multi-location full service developer and supplier of friction, industrial, clutch, brake, and transmission parts.  In 1997, RPG opened a second distribution facility in Washington Missouri.   RPG Midwest has grown and expanded allowing it to serve the central and western part of North America and Canada.  RPG has one of the largest inventories in North America proudly serving the automotive, performance, heavy duty, industrial, agricultural, and off-highway friction markets.


Since its inception, RPG desired to be more than a clutch, brake, and friction distributor.  Our goal was to fulfill the high expectations of our customers by delivering a higher quality product with unparalleled performance.  Performance depends on the friction material, and using the correct friction material makes all the difference in the effectiveness, and ultimately the success of the customer’s application.  RPG continues to be a pioneer in the clutch and brake friction markets developing unique products and technologies to answer the dynamic challenges our customers face within their respective industries.  Our highly qualified staff with over 125 years of industry experience provides our customers with the highest quality products, service and support available in the market today.

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